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Insider Inc., originally called Business Insider Inc., is an American online media company known for publishing the financial news website Business Insider and other news and media websites.


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Former Employee - Marketing Manager says

"- THE WORST MANAGEMENT - CULT CULTURE - TOO MUCH DRAMA - NO TRANSPARENCY Everyone in this company are amateur has no knowledge, always looping "i don't know, but let me learn" but they don't even learn anything and has nobody to give right advice, so everything stays the same. This company isn't startup. It's a CULT company. Co-founders are hating each others and you will be able to tell. And they will tell you "Keep up of your work..." and never take your idea onto action. Mouth people."

Former Employee - Software Engineer says

"I’m really so sad to read this very negative review. Insider is always open to feedback, and as a company, we’re always trying to get better. We’d like to address your concerns and always encourage our team members to come to the People & Culture Team to confidentially discuss any issues. You indicated you are a former employee but we still encourage you to reach out to the People & Culture Team if you are willing to discuss. Honestly, reading your note was very painful for me personally as it goes against all I believe in, our culture, and what I believe is truly happening in Insider. While no one is perfect, what you described is literally in conflict with who we are. We take the feedback here very seriously, along with our promise to our team members on growth and transparency. A few notes: Specifically, with regard to compensation and ratios, we are always benchmarking those roles against current data, we work with outside partners to ensure we pay fair market value and offer generous equity packages for all full-time team members but appreciate the feedback and will continue to keep it top of mind. About the things you said on our salary, you can see how one of our team members, Strategic Account Manager in Dubai grew financially, professionally, and personally throughout his journey at Insider. Regarding the work environment, the leadership team (our Country Managers and heads) and I are committed to a work environment that makes everyone comfortable and even more than that, thrive and grow. I also agree that this can be a stressful environment and not for everyone. It’s true that our team is young but we have also very experienced and senior team members in our community. Some of them have been working for Insider since the very first day of our establishment :) One of our priorities is investing in our team members' personal growth as much as we can. The whole idea of our culture is predicated on care, hard work, learning, and continuous improvement so we prioritize the culture and internal people activities very high - it is not for everyone but I believe that building a company is about building the team and the more you invest in your people and activities around/between them (within reason) the better everyone is. I would like to say that perception is reality. Your opinion regarding fresh grad hiring is different from ours. We believe that today’s young, talented fresh grads will be the successful leaders in the future so we treat them as our future leaders and ambassadors not like a slave as you mentioned above because this is completely against our company culture value “care” Our main motivation to witness our team members’ every step in this incredible journey, as they climb the stairs to become exceptional leaders. Luckily for us, We have lots of growth stories and continue to do so, I believe, as long as we invest in our team members. One of them is the story of our Head of Mobile Unit Evren Baykan. We are fascinated by his fast growth— he started as a fresh grad software developer and in 1.5 years he became one of our Shareholders and Head of Mobile. When it comes to working hard, yes we work hard and yes we have a cause. As the Insider community, which has come together with the desire to create a successful product and technology company outside of Silicon Valley, we continue on our way by carrying and nurturing the entrepreneurial spirit since the first day. “We know that great things never come from comfort zones. It requires blood, sweat, and tears with endless care to create something beyond the expectations. Lasting success can only be achieved if you put in the hard work.” Thanks for the feedback, as tough as it was to read--we are working hard to continue to evolve and grow every aspect of our experience for team members, and I hope we continue to use feedback (both positive and negative) to help make Insider a great place to work for truly everyone as we scale as an organization."

Current Employee - Software Developer says

"We're working here like nonsense and so much. You don't even have a social life, I've stayed in the office so much. They're making us their slaves, they're not even listening to our feedback. They are just acting like they're your family but in a bad way. They trying to wash your brain to work harder. If you're doing everything to get a promotion it's not enough you need to gossip with your master. You need to suck harder. There is no codebase or no senior developer but everyone is so egoist here. They're making buggy products but they're walking around like a God. They always selling dreams and lying to your face with a huge ugly smiley. You can't improve yourself here. They don't even know how to manage a development team. Everyone is junior and they're making you uncomfortable. They're humiliating and swearing to your face and then they're saying `We are family I'm just direct to you` NO IT IS NOT. IT IS MOBBING! If you're coming here for cool tech stuff and the name of the company do not come! I'd rather die."

Former Employee - People & Culture/Recruiter says

"Ouch. It sounds very personal, and as your former manager, I am taking it personally. Whatever we have made to make your experience so bad, I truly apologize. It doesn't represent who we want to be as an organization but I feel that your comments are coming from a place of pain rather than truly professional and objective feedback that will help us improve. Regardless, I wanted to respond: Contrary to your feedback about extreme controlling, all our team members are valued for us. We give everyone freedom and autonomy to play in their own playgrounds. We want everyone to live up to their full potential. At Insider we are using the OKR System (Objectives and Key results) company-wide. But we give our team members the flexibility to choose the method of achieving their goals (objectives). So it’s all about autonomy and empowering Insiders to have control over their work and their lives. Because one of our main aims is raising young new leaders among Insider and witnessing their growth story. We only help them when they ask for it. We give constructive feedback to them to have a better outcome. Even we teach our team members how to give and receive feedback. Here you may see our feedback training given by me :) So that's it only. In the end, they have the freedom to choose how they want to achieve their targets, they work at their own pace, which leads to taking new responsibilities and reduced stress levels. If you felt like you were overcontrolled, maybe you did not give enough importance to what you do and were not eager to take on new responsibilities. That's why overcontrolling was needed, maybe. For your second claim; we never push our people to put a positive review in Glassdoor. As the Head of People and Culture at Insider, I never experience this situation or never give such a task to my team members. So as you were a part of my team, how can you claim that we made people write fake reviews? :) Before blaming others, people always need to do self-criticizing. We need to think about what we can do to solve it? Did I over-communicate this problem enough? And if you talked about your frustrations points with me I could do everything to solve it. If you could not express yourself verbally you could use NPS and Instant Feedback form. All problems become smaller when you confront them instead of dodging them :) You were extremely unhappy with us and believe me when I say we are trying very hard to satisfy all team members. I am also a realist and I know this is impossible. My recommendation for you is that you should take it as a lesson: Our community is not right for every employee, and vice versa. If you are so unhappy in your future job, do not wait and search for something suitable for you the moment you’ve realized you have made a mistake. Both sides will win. You are full of wrong perceptions. But I recommend you to get rid of this bad attitude to succeed in your future career. You can think of it as wise feedback from your former manager :) I wish you nothing but success."

Former Employee - Developer says

"They are just pretending but you can not find anything professional out there .Also many double-faced and insincere people specially managers and generally people working there more than 1 year.and that's the company's culture . . ."

Provide Customer Service (Former Employee) says

"ew just the worst place ever to be honest. a lot of drug users and unfit candidates working. Rude staff and Owner and very disorganized unless the auditor is in then everything is peachy."

Cashier (Former Employee) says

"A typical day was getting burnt by the oven, answering the phones with people yelling on the other line because they couldn't hear me and assisting with deliveries when we were short handed. What I learned is that when people are hungry they get very angry very quick and you need to have patience with irate customers. Management really didn't care too much for the employees because they knew this was not the money making job, this was the second or third job to bring in extra money. The co-workers were constantly changing so it was hard to create friendships and keep them let alone be civil at times when we were busy because we would all be tense and stressed out. The hardest part of the job was making sure everything was correct, the food, when the driver went on delivery, that the drivers had everything they needed for the order, as well as multitasking with the phones, oven and organizing the orders for the drivers. The most enjoyable part was the fact that even though I did not have a management title I was trusted by the management to make sure everything was right and that I could handle the issues handed to me by my co-workers or customers.Free foodHectic environment"

Manager; Insider; Delivery Driver (Former Employee) says

"Working for Papa Johns is Thankless, and Soul Killing. The Corporate Doesn't take care of it's employee's. The management, especially UPPER management only looks out for their selves. On a Average Day, Being just a insider is OK - especially if it's your first Job. You just make Pizza's. If you're Hired as a Delivery Driver, the wages are Poor: and depending upon the Area, so are the Tips. The company Does NOT reimburse you properly, and will end up falsifying Tips if you don't make enough to keep from paying you minimum wage. (Maybe not all of them, but the one I worked for they did.) You do not have the right to defend yourself, and if something happens. You'll most likely get fired if it doesn't kill you. The Pro's to this position is that you can use your Car as a Office of sort, and keep all mileage on File. Write in a Log Book or Note Book how many Miles, how many Tips - etc you have made on each day. It'll help with taxes since, the only real plus note is you can put the mileage down as Job Expenses. As management, at least in my experience: - Poor Representation - Lack of Ability to do anything to Correct Issues. - Back Stabbing, and Belittling Constantly. - Poor Treatment. So, if you're looking to work at this Job, Please take it with a Grain of Salt. It's just a filler/holder, and will end up consuming your every hour if you're not careful. If you accept the Job, I hope your situation is a lot better than mine ended up becoming, and your location is ran a lot better.50% Discount on FoodToo many to list."

Renholder (Former Employee) says

"Det var vanskelig å få god tilbake melding fra ledelse uasentt hvor hardt mann jobber. Mye negativ kritikk i stede for kontruktiv kritikkenFikk lompengerKorte pause"

CSR/Cashier (Former Employee) says

"I learned how to work at Domino's Pizza very well, all the ins and outs of fast food service. If you aren't looking to be promoted to an assistant manager position, then you aren't going to be working much during the slow seasons. After being there for ten months, showing the skills that I have in the field of work, I was still only working very minimally, as low as 12 hours a week. The hardest part of the job was trying to keep busy on slow days and when the store is overstaffed, it's also very hard to get by with that type of financial income. I enjoyed the company of co-workers at times and having a job in general, unfortunately I had to resign.positive experience with customers and co-workersnot enough work hours/ seasonal job"

Photo Editor / Stills Clearance Coordinator (Current Employee) says

"The Insider was a great place to learn a trade, but not so much to build a career. My advice would be to take the job, learn as much as possible in your time there, then take that experience and get something betterAbility to gain knowledge, 12 months a year workLong days, stagnant wages"

Dominos (Former Employee) says

"During my time working there, we didn't have the best management possible. Due to that and some bad fellow workers, I had a hard time working there."

Papa Johns Pizza (Former Employee) says

"I would do anything from answering phones to making the pizza I got experience in the pizza and fast-food experience I liked my co-workers we all worked together and had fun while doing it I dont think the job was hard but it got hectic in there on game nights I enjoyed working with people I knew it was funwasnt hard workpay was basic"

Insider (Former Employee) says

"When i was working as an insider I really enjoyed being a cook. I learned alot an learned how to deal with people. It was a very awsome experience I will not forget.Good food, CleanLack of order"

Dominos Pizza (Former Employee) says

"A typical day at work was having to run the front of the store alone while management stayed in the office. I learned how to be quick and efficient alone in a crew environment. Management was not willing to work with anyone on advancement. They tended to only deal with personal things at work. It was a very stressful environment.The hardest part was running the store alone for the most part during rush. The most enjoyable part was some of the people I worked with.Free LunchNo Health care"

Insider (Former Employee) says

"i love the fact that i was let go and was allowed to come back...this was a small tight work group and we all worked hard together as a team"

Insider (Former Employee) says

"The day would be fast paced, manager is in a bad mood, and is complaining about me going to the restroom. Mind I do have IBS. I was being sent home early and receiving no hours.half off on food and drinks.could not take a single day off even if sick"

Chop Saw Operator, L.T.I Flexible Products (Former Employee) says

"I pulled orders. I really enjoy wearhouse or manufacturing jobs."

Assistant Manager (Former Employee) says

"there was no typical day at work, there was always something unexpected going on. I've learned to multi-task. i learned to deal with difficult customers, and a lot of complaints. I learned to be a leader and not a boss, and to always respect people. The hardest part of the job was to deal with the complaints of customers they weren't always nice. the most enjoyable was at the beginning when i first learned to make pizzas.Free lunchesno benefits"

Domino's Pizza (Former Employee) says

"A typical day as an insider at Domino's Pizza involves customer service, food service, and cleaning tasks. It was my first job as a teenager so I learned how to work with people in a way that I never had before. Management was very unprofessional at the time and co-workers were not much better. The hardest part of the job was dealing with management and co-workers. Customers were mostly friendly. The most enjoyable aspect of the job was the flexible hours."

Delivery Driver *Santa Barba Pizza & Chicken (Former Employee) says

"This is a insider at santa barbara pizza & Chicken. I didnt like this position at all, cause you didnt get tips. & I'm not very good at making pizzas mostly at first. but i got very good. The daugh is very hard to flatted into a circle!"

Insider (Former Employee) says

"Working here is ok. It's just a pizza place to get some money for the next thing you're going for. Manager was awkward with me for some reason but we got along ok."

Cashier (Former Employee) says

"Manager had im better than you attitude. Most employee were smarter and had a better chance at being successful then she did. Overall the manager made sure to give everybody a hard time while in store.FoodBeing stressed all the time"

Driver, Assistant Manager (Former Employee) says

"-Learned how to prep food and project usage of product through the day. Jumped in to management and learned how to keep track of company financing and cash management. Always kept a clean store and made sure my employees and customers felt welcome with in the work area"

Member Trainor (Former Employee) says

"Typical day at work was answering phones,placing orders,working on the prep line, prepping food for the prep line. Overall a great job.Fun atmosphereNot good pay"

Kristian Mærsk says